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with 50 contributors from the world of horror!
edited & Curated by
Christian Ackerman, Felissa Rose, and Chuck Foster!


We warned you, but you kept reading!

You savored the first book front to back, clinging to it everywhere you went, staying up deep into the witching hour because you simply couldn’t put it down. You devoured it and craved more, but just like that a special edition disc with all the features, you can’t bleed another drop out of it...

Until now.

In the grand tradition of horror franchises comes My Favorite Horror Movie 2: The New Blood, 50 more essays by fans who were inspired by that single film to make a living in horror. These filmmakers, writers, actors, musicians and artists cut deep into their psyches to illuminate us on the movie that sent them down a path of artistic mayhem and bloodshed.

Discover what cinematic horrors inspired some of your favorite legends and luminaries, then experience those tales of terror for yourself…

If you dare!

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