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In celebration of the world's greatest film genre, Black Vortex Cinema's Christian Ackerman, Felissa Rose, Chuck Foster, and Josh McKevitt have founded October 23rd as NATIONAL HORROR MOVIE DAY!


This is an opportunity for all horror fans to take part in creating this new national day, which falls on the birthday of one of the world's greatest directors, Sam Raimi!

The National Day Calendar (the folks in charge of National Days) only choose about 30 requests per year to make into an official National Day. In order to raise the $4000 in fees to make October 23rd official, we're reaching out to the horror community for donations on GoFundMe.


You can donate as little as $1 or as much as you like! Everyone donating $10 or more will be listed  as a donor here on the Black Vortex Cinema National Horror Movie Day web page forever! On top of that, we'll hold a drawing to give away a signed trilogy of our My Favorite Horror Movie books, along with 2 single autographed copies of each book and whatever horror goodies we can find to throw in (at least 7 drawings)!


All donations will go to paying the fees to make National Horror Movie Day happen. 


Donors will be listed on the Black Vortex Cinema website under the following tiers:


Raimi Circle:

$100+ Donation (we'll send you an unsigned My Favorite Horror Movie trilogy (US only) & 20 entries in the drawing!)


Romero Circle:

$75+ Donation (we’ll send you one unsigned copy of My Favorite Horror Movie & 15 entries into the drawing)


Carpenter Circle:

$50+ Donation (includes 12 entries into the drawing)


Craven Circle:

$25+ Donation (includes 10 entries into the drawing)


Hooper Circle:

$10+ Donation (includes 1 entry into the drawing)


Thank you all for helping give horror fans a day to celebrate our favorite genre forever! 

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