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Best Horror Short - Buffalo Dreams Film Festival 2013

Spirit of BAFF Award-Buried Alive Film Festival 2013

Best Supernatural Film-Zed Fest 2013
Best Short Director-
Zed Fest 2013

Best Cinematography-Zed Fest 2013
Best Ensemble Cast-
Zed Fest 2013
Best Hair & Make-Up-
Zed Fest 2013

Ass-Kickin-est Femme Fatale- Zed Fest 2013

Three girls summon the ghost of a child molester for the thrill of becoming possessed with his spirit.


Produced by Tony Valenzuela, Brett Annese, & Christian Ackerman
Written by Chuck Foster & Christian Ackerman
Directed by Christian Ackerman
Starring Trista Robinson, Wendy McColm, & Erin McIntosh


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